Day 3: How to Buy an 'Alt Coin' (ATOM)

Estimated time needed: 3 - 5 minutes

The Brief

Welcome to Day 3 of your 5 Day Challenge! In this step you’re going to buy your first ‘alt coin’! Technically an ‘alt coin’ refers to any crypto which isn’t Bitcoin but these days we tend to exclude Ethereum too. Buying an alt coin is a really simple process (just like buying any other coin). In this step I’ll talk you through one of my favourite ‘alt coins’ right now: ATOM, why I think it has such potential and how you can buy some.

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Quick Checklist

For this step you will need:

To be logged into your Kraken account

Access to your email

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: "Why do you think ATOM is such a good crypto?"

This is without doubt one of our favourite cryptos.

Michael has given you a short teaser so far but in the Facebook group later he’s going to delve into much more detail about ATOM, why it’s such an important project in the crypto ecosystem and potentially incredible opportunity for investors.

Question: "I could buy more of some other crypto coins for the same money, should I?"

This one of the number newbie traps people fall into when they first start out in crypto.

It’s human nature to see more of the same thing as being somehow bigger or better or more valuable but you need to look at the underlying asset.

Even 0.1 of a Bitcoin could be worth serveral hundred times more than 10,000 junk coins. ATOM is an excellent coin which we believe is vastly overvalued.

Question: "Help, I'm stuck. How can I contact Kraken support?"

You can contact Kraken’s support team here:

Kraken Support