How to Stake Your Crypto on Kraken


Instant Guide: Log into Kraken -> Click on Kraken’s Staking Page -> Click the staking icon next to coin you want to stake -> Review terms and enter staking amount -> Click ‘Continue’ -> Confirm

Staking your crypto on Kraken is one of THE easiest methods out there.

(As you’ll see it only takes a minute or two!)

There are a few different ways you can stake on their platform – as they make their staking option available on most pages – but all offer the same outcome.

What follows is the simplest step-by-step approach.

You can see all of the different coins you can stake in one place and they display all the risks and rewards in one easy to read table:

Step 1: Login to Kraken

You can do that here:

Step 2: Head over to the staking page

Now head over to Kraken’s dedicated staking page here:

Kraken’s Staking Page
(You need to be logged in)

Here is what you’ll see on this page:

It’s worth taking the time to read all the text they provide on the page (always check the latest live version) as it runs through the rewards and risks involved.

On the left hand side you can see the name of the cryptocurrencies that Kraken currently offer staking on.

To the right of this is the estimated earnings reward as a % and this is calculated as APR (or an annualised rate).

Bear in mind that these annualised rates are just a guide. The rate for many of these coins will be variable and as such liable to change.

Step 3: Check over the terms and place your stake

Now it is simply a case of clicking on the little staking icon next to the coin you wish to stake (as pictured below).

A little pop-up screen will appear which confirms your estimated reward payout, intervals and so on.

Make sure you read, understand and are happy with everything on this screen before proceeding.

If you are happy to proceed you just need to enter the number of coins you wish to lock into staking in the box at the top (it can be a decimal if you like, e.g. 0.5) then click ‘Continue’.

Please note: I’ve just used Ethereum as an example here and you may well get better rates elsewhere (and/or the option of not being locked in for such a long period). If you are thinking of staking your Ethereum please wait until the end of our series on staking so that you have access to all the information.

Step 4: Last step!

At the time of writing there is one last popup screen just ensuring that you understand the terms and are happy to proceed.

Please bear in mind that the information displayed here will vary according to which coin you wish to stake.

If you are happy with everything, type ‘I accept’ into the box as instructed and then click ‘Confirm’ and that’s it!

Step 5: Check back to monitor your rewards

If you want to check back to see how your staking is going (and monitor your rewards) you can do so simply by clicking back on the staking page at any time:

Kraken’s Staking Page 

From here you can also choose to ‘Unstake’ any coins where available.

Please note: For some coins, like Ethereum, ‘Unstaking’ won’t be possible until the transition to ETH 2.0 has completed. While this transition is proceeding well there is no fixed date as to when this might complete (or indeed guarantee that it will do so).

That’s why it’s important to properly read through the terms and make sure you are happy with the risks involved. Other coins may offer more flexible staking programmes.

That’s it!

Kraken is one of the oldest exchanges and has a great track record. In terms of ease and stability they are a strong option for staking, particularly for long term holders.

Questions and Answers

When do I receive my staking rewards?

It completely depends on the coin and all have varying terms and conditions.

Some coins have weekly reward payouts… others offer twice weekly payouts.

For most you can unstake at any time, for others there is a strict locked in period.

For example, with Ethereum your stake is locked in until the final transition to ETH 2.0. This could take months… a year, or may never happen, although that’s incredibly unlikely). The current prediction is 2022.

How can I unstake my crypto on Kraken?

1. Head to the staking page on Kraken:

Kraken Staking Page

(You need to be logged in)

2. Click the ‘unstake’ icon next to the coin you want to unstake.

3. In the popup that follows enter the amount you want to unstake and then confirm.


You can also see a detailed guide to unstaking on Kraken here:

How to unstake your crypto on Kraken

Please note: Not all coins can be unstaked.

Where can I see a full list of the coins I can stake on Kraken?

You can see a full list of the coins you can currently stake on Kraken here:

Staking on Kraken

(You don’t need to be logged in to view this page)

Where can I find out more information about staking on the Kraken website?

Here’s a user friendly guide to staking from the Kraken website:

Staking Coins

And here’s a more indepth overview of on-chain staking on Kraken from their support pages:

Overview of On-chain staking on Kraken

Here is their staking FAQs page:

Staking FAQs

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