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As this is one of our first entries for The Vanguard we just wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves.

Frank O’Brien is our resident economist.

He has been editor of The Home Trader newsletter for over 6 years and has been heavily invested in crypto since 2017.

Frank is interested in the geopolitical situation around crypto. He looks at which countries are allowing the tech to flourish, whose economy is providing a natural on ramp and what could this mean for prices.

He’s also interested in the fundamentals behind different crypto projects.

You can expect a pin sharp, well rounded bird’s eye of the markets from Frank and where he believes the markets could be headed next.

Tom is our crypto evangelist and neuroscience nerd. He has also been heavily invested in the space since 2017.

Tom gets stuck into fundamentals behind crypto projects but is also interested in the neuroscience of trading and investing. How herd mentality moves markets and what you can do to give yourself a leading edge.

He also goes deep down the rabbit hole into some of the more esoteric, cutting edge crypto projects which can offer some high risk/reward opportunities…

Then we have Michael Mac, our head trader.

Michael has been involved in crypto since 2013 and has traded multiple crypto market cycles successfully.

What do we mean by market cycles?

The crypto markets (like any financial market) tend to go through trends or ‘cycles’.

You have bull markets where prices go up and bear markets where prices go down.

The difference between the crypto markets and the stock markets, as Michael says, is that crypto is like “the stock market on steroids”.

That’s what makes it such an exciting market to trade and it’s why we are thrilled to have you with us.

Price movements that might take 6 years to materialise in the traditional stock market can take 6 months in crypto.

Crypto is a constantly evolving space and Frank, Tom and Michael all bring difference expertise to the table which we hope will make this an engaging and rewarding journey.

We’ll be in touch again soon with your next update.

But first, what is the number one question you have about crypto?

Please feel free to reply below and if we get enough requests on a specific topic we’d love to cover it here.

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