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“… I have made 20X my initial investment. During this time I have attempted to make investment decisions myself but always seems to make the wrong choice. Following a few mistakes I have decided to only trade following Michael’s advice as this is a sure way to make profit. His understanding and reading of the market is excellent and his advice always seems to hit the nail on the head!

The money that I have made from these investments has changed my life. I am now in a position to put a deposit on a house, build a portfolio of investments that give myself and family financial security. Thank you Michael!”

Suzanne O

Member, CTA

“Michael’s advice has helped me make 6 figure returns”

Member, CTA

“Michael broke it down simply and patiently helped and encouraged me to understand the basics. We invested 3,000 euro and got a return of 15,000 euro.

All of the investing we did was on his advice. Even being very cautious we managed to walk away with a 12,000 euro profit which paid for our wedding”

Terri M

Member, CTA

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